Getting the Best Out of Your BK’s

Getting the Best Out of Your BK’s


Every cloth diaper is different, so we have made this quick guide to show you how to get the best out of your BabyKicks. If you still have questions after reading this please feel free to get in touch with us at info [@ ] We’re friendly and we know definitely know our products best!

First things first, prep your diapers before putting them on your baby. It’s easy and essential to getting the most absorbency out of your BabyKicks cloth diapers. For the Premium Pocket Diaper the pocket shell should be washed at least once, and the hemp insert should be washed with detergent and dried a minimum of 3-5 times before first use. For the Organic Fitted, both the diaper itself and the insert will need to be washed with detergent and dried 3-5 times before first use. An alternative to washing one diaper and insert by itself is to boil the insert for 20 minutes then wash both the insert and diaper with towels. DO NOT BOIL THE SHELL OF THE DIAPER. After prepping, as the diapers are used and washed they will become more and more absorbent.

Next is getting the right size for your baby. The best way to get the perfect, snug, and comfortable fit on your baby is to choose a rise setting then try it out on your baby. Check for gaps around the waist and legs and you should be able to slide a finger under the diaper at the legs, waist, and back. The wing snaps don’t have to be on the same setting. If your baby has chunky thighs and a smaller waist or skinny thighs and a little belly, mix and match the leg and waist snaps to get the right fit for your baby.

Once the rise is figured out we also need to add the One Size Insert. Use the stitch lines on the side as guides and fold the insert down according to the rise setting the diaper is on. For example, if your child wears the diaper on the first (lowest) rise setting then fold the insert at the first (lowest) line. If your child is on the second rise setting then fold the insert at the second (next up) line, and so on. You can stuff the insert into the pocket with the folded side first or the folded side last, whichever is easiest for you. Just be sure the insert is pushed all the way to the back seam of the diaper for the best coverage. When using the diapers on newborns it isn’t necessary to use the insert for the first couple of weeks. It’s best to start using the insert when your baby begins to eliminate more significantly.

And, of course, one of the best ways to get the most out of your BabyKicks is to use them from birth. Both the Organic Fitted and Premium Pocket Diaper will fit from birth to (or even through) potty learning. By using the Newborn Fold it is possible to buy diapers only once without resorting to prefolds or disposables for the first weeks, or even for the first couple of months. This makes it possible to save even more money by choosing cloth diapers. The diapers secure in different ways, but they are both easy to understand and put into play. The Premium Pocket Diaper has a snap closure, that’s what the extra snap is on the wing, and the Organic Fitted can be secured with a Snappi®.

Lastly, what goes on must come off. And, the newborn snap doubles as a dirty diaper closure. Unlike all other side snapping diapers that can’t be secured when they are soiled and “rolled up”, the Premium Pocket Diaper can. By using the newborn snap to hold the diaper in place there are no worries about reaching into a mess when the diaper bag needs to be emptied. This feature really makes the Premium Pocket as convenient as Velcro or a disposable

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