Cloth Diapering 101

Cloth Diapering 101

First, you need to decide what type of cloth family you want to be. Are you just doing tryouts, going part time, or ready to go full time? What you decide will make a huge impact on the amount of cloth diapers and accessories you need. Of course, we’re hoping you decide on going full time, but every cd (cloth diaper) used in place of a sposie (disposable) is a win! If you want to get a feel for cloth tryouts are a great way to see if you want to take the next leap into full on clothdiaperism (yes, we made that up). Simply purchase 3 cloth diapers and use them. If you like them and think it isn’t so bad get more and cloth, cloth, cloth to your heart’s content! That’s all you have to do! No, not really… the diapers do have to be prepped and washed. You’ll find that a little further down the page. It’s simple, though, so don’t panic. By the way, you get a high five just for trying!BK-Premium-6-pack-v4

If you already know that you want to use cloth part time then you will need 8-12 cloth diapers and 15-20 cloth wipes to be safe. Part time cloth diapering is nice for working parents who don’t have a sitter willing to use cloth, or for stay-at-home moms and dads who use cloth when they are home, but prefer sposies when they are out and about. You guys get a happy dance for going part time!


Now, for those who are ready to dive in and go full time you will need a few more things. Nothing crazy, but you have to be prepared. I mean, this is your child’s sweet squishy bum we’re talking about! Are you ready? You will need *deep breath* about 20-30 cloth diapers & 2-3 dozen cloth wipes. You may want to get 1-3 wetbags and a pack or two of fleece liners to keep baby feeling dry. That’s not so bad, huh? Now, put your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder and SQUEEZE! That’s a hug from us to say welcome to the cloth family!

All of you will want a diaper pail. For tryouts and part timers a small, solid wastebasket should do (not mesh or holey). And, for all you full timers a tall kitchen can is perfect. Believe it or not, it’s best to keep the lids off! No lid means air and UV sun rays can penetrate the diapers and keep bacteria and mold away. Bacteria and mold are what cause smells; we don’t want that! Also, it’s super important to remove solids before pailing and wash diapers every 2-3 days with cloth friendly detergent. The key is to get the waste and detergent out completely. For part time diapering and tryouts simply wash the few diapers you have with towels after rinsing them out thoroughly. Then simply line dry or tumble dry on low-medium heat. Then voila! fresh, fabulous fluff for all to enjoy!