Care & Warranty

Care & Warranty

Care Instructions

Natural fabrics are very efficient and durable. They “wear in” the more they are used, getting softer and more absorbent with time. They can handle big messes, “spills”, and years of wear and tear, but some steps should be taken to keep the products in top notch condition. Of course, your baby deserves nothing less, right?!
Here are some simple ways to take care of your natural fiber BabyKicks. Further down you can find more information on specific products:

  1. Prep before use.
  2. No bleach. It eats the fibers. We are not against an occasional sanitary measure, but keep it occasional (2-3 times a year).
  3. No enzymes such as Bac-Out. They do the same thing as bleach. It is VERY important not to spray the diapers with the enzyme then leave them sitting in the pail/wet bag/etc.
  4. For cloth diapers, use a dry pail with no lid. It’s safer, keeps bacteria and smells to a minimum, and is better for the fabric.

Washing Basic Pocket, Premium Pocket, and Organic Fitted Diapers

Prep before use by washing in hot water with detergent 3-5 times, drying in between. Dump/rinse solids into toilet before storing in pail. To clean: cold rinse, cold wash with detergent, cold soak, hot wash with detergent, extra rinse. Air dry (place in dryer for 10 minutes when almost dry to keep soft), or tumble dry on medium heat.

Washing Prefolds, Inserts, and Cloth Wipes

Prep before use by boiling for 15 minutes or washing in hot water with detergent 3-5 times, drying in between. Dump/rinse solids into toilet before storing in pail. To clean: cold rinse, cold wash with detergent, cold soak, hot wash with detergent, extra rinse. Air dry (place in dryer for 10 minutes when almost dry to keep soft), or tumble dry on medium heat.

Washing Swim Diapers

Dump/rinse solids into toilet. Hand wash with gentle detergent, rinse well, hang dry. Or, wash with other diapers.

Washing Accessories (Washies, Duz-it-Alls, Receiving Blankets, Nursing Pads, etc.)

Prep before use by boiling for 15 minutes. This method saves water and time! If using these items as wash clothes and burp clothes simply wash with regular laundry. If using them as inserts for cloth diapers and as wipes for cloth diapers, simply put them in the pail and wash with diapers.

Washing your hemp

You may use any detergent that does not contain enzymes (as enzymes can eat away at your baby’s skin once he or she wets, causing a painful rash). If you use a soap product, be sure to do a second cycle with 1/3 cup baking soda to avoid build-up. You may also want to try using 1/4 cup vinegar in the rinse.

What to do for “stinky” hemp

Since hemp is such an absorbent material it sucks everything right to the core of the fiber. This causes smells from a residual build-up once your baby wets. You may not ever experience this, depending on your water type and wash routine.

There’s a couple of things you can try to solve this:

  • Try washing your diapers or Joey-Bunz in hot water with no detergent, 1/3 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup vinegar. Do this a few times until the water no longer looks soapy at the end of the cycle.
  • If the smell remains, you may want to try boiling your hemp for five minutes.
  • After you get the smell out of your hemp, be sure to use baking soda on a regular basis to keep.
  • Hanging to dry in the sun will also help remove stains & smells.

Have a look at our  FAQ section if you have more questions – the answer will be hiding there somewhere. We are (almost) certain of it!


We strive to bring our customers the best products possible.  All our items are hand-sewn and lovingly made.   If you feel that one of our products is defective in any way then please get in touch with us by filling out the Warranty Form at the bottom of the page.  PRIOR to doing so please review the below info and guidelines in regards to our product warranty to make sure that your issue falls under our Warranty guidelines.


Reasons for Returns

Sewing Defects

We guarantee  the quality of our work for 1 year.  However it is important to distinguish between sewing defects and faulty workmanship and the natural wear and tear which your product goes through.   A product defect is a diaper that is falling apart and is no longer usable.  Please note:

a) We do not cover minor flaws, wholes or tears in fabric, especially in natural fibers  where this is can be part of the natural wear and tear. There is a natural variance and sometimes fabric may be thinner or thicker depending on the situation.  This is completely normal.

b) We do not cover elastic that has  lost its elasticity as this is part of the normal wear and tear.  However we are happy to replace the elastic in your diaper free of charge. Please note that if you choose this option you will be responsible for the shipping charges.    IF your elastic fails within the first 4 weeks of purchase we will repair the diaper free of charge and assume the shipping costs (withing the 48 continental US States only).

c) We do not cover top stitching that is coming loose/undone.  Again this is normal and part of the normal wear and tear.

Snap Defects

In rare instances a snap may be broken, missing or does not snap/close correctly.  If this is the case we will repair or replace the product for you free of charge. We guarantee our snap quality for 2 years from the purchase date.

PUL Defects

We consider the PUL defective if this waterproof layer de-laminates (i.e. separates) from the rest of the cloth diaper.  If this is the case we will replace the product for you free of charge. We guarantee our PUL quality for 2 years from the purchase date.

Things that are (unfortunately) not covered under our Warranty

Minor Fabric Flaws

As stated above items such as minor fabric imperfections, tiny holes and/or loosening top stitches due not fall under our warranty.

Product Failure due to Faulty Handling of Product

We are not able to accept Warranty claims for failing products due to mishandling of the product.  For Example:  All of our natural fiber containing products are extremely sensitive to products containing bleach and the like.  The use of bleach will likely result in the destruction of the fabric.

We ask that our customers follow the care instructions for each product carefully. If you have any questions please contact us directly.

Sizing Troubles

We cannot replace any products due to sizing miscalculations. This applies especially to our diapers.  Each product has a size (guide) in the product description. If you are unsure of what size to choose please get in touch with us directly before your purchase.

Due to the fact that all our products are made by hand small variances in our product sizing may occur. This is especially the case for our inserts.  Despite these small potential variance these products are perfectly usable.

Therefore please test the product on your child before the first wash/use to ensure that the fit/sizing is correct.  We are happy to exchange products if you find the sizing is off – please note that in such instances we are not able to cover the shipping costs.


A ‘leaking’ diaper does not fall under our Warranty.  From our past experience the fast majority of ‘leaking’ problems can be resolved.  If you feel your diaper is leaking please check our FAQ section on this topic.  If, after that, you are still experiencing leaks please get in touch with us and we will be happy to troubleshoot the problem with you.

Fabric Thinning/Pilling

It is normal that fabric may be pilling or thinning overtime due to natural wear and tear. This is therefore not covered under our Warranty terms and will not affect the performance of the product.


We will always try our best in order to ensure that you are satisfied and happy with the products you have purchased from us.  We take all warranty claims very serious and will replace/fix any defective products that fall under the above stated points.

Please note that a host/combination of miscellaneous factors such as water type, detergent used, chemicals, bleaching, extreme heat et al. may significantly impact the performance of our products and can cause defects. Unfortunately our Warranty does not cover these instances.

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