BabyKicks Diapers = Guaranteed Unbeatabilitiness!

That’s right; BabyKicks one-size diapers are virtually unbeatable! They are so soft and gentle that when your baby is wearing one, he/she will suddenly have a “fluffy butt” reminiscent of a cute white cloud on a beautiful spring day. The natural fabrics are second to none and that’s just the start. Considering these are cloth diapers and will be washed about 3x a week for a couple of years, they have to be durable. Perhaps, not quite as durable as a bulletproof vest, but they definitely need to be able to take a beating and come out on top. All the fabrics we use are tested at great lengths, right in our own laundry rooms. Is there another way to duplicate the real life wear and tear of cloth diapers than by unleashing a few kids, 2 dogs and the family cat on them? We didn’t think so.

When it comes to fit, we have designed our diapers to mold around every squishy curve and fit like a glove. It’s almost magic, but really it’s much simpler than that – it’s clever design. One of the best parts about our diapers is that they’re not only functional and ridiculously low priced, but darn cute too. They come in all sorts of great colors and some even come with multicolored snaps to give them that extra fun detail. They almost look like vanilla ice cream with sprinkles on top. Who doesn’t like ice cream?

Its quite simple really  ->  BabyKicks Diapers = Guaranteed Unbeatabilitiness!