Easy To Use

Why BK Cloth Diapers?   There soooo easy to use!

Take diaper, add insert(s), put on, take off.  Using our diapers is that easy. They are quick to change and quick to dry. Not to mention stylish, but that’s another topic by itself! We know that everyone is busy and constantly on the move. When you have to take your baby out into the hustle and bustle of the world the last thing you want to worry about is how much of a pain it is to change diapers. Well, these are not your mama’s cloth diapers. There’s no folding and pinning, or plastic pants anymore. Just four quick snaps and you’re done! Really, it only takes a few seconds. Plus, our insert (the absorbent part) that comes with the diapers are really really thin so you can fit more diapers in the diaper bag for those long trips to the grocery store, grandma, and Disney World.

We even added a color coded sizing system, so getting the right fit is super easy for everyone. Dad, that means you’re not getting out of this one. And, can you imagine what it’s like to NEVER run out of diapers? No late night or early morning trips to the store, and no taking out stinky diaper trash. As long as you do the laundry, and who doesn’t with a new little one in the mix, you will have a never ending supply of diapers! What more could you ask for? With our diapers there is no excuse not to use cloth! The only thing we could do to make our diapers even more convenient is change them for you … but we wouldn’t dare take away one of the biggest joys of parenthood.