German Engineering

Why BK Cloth Diapers?  Design, Innovation & German Engineering!

German (1) engineered diapers, it just does not get better than that … really.  Imagine, for a second, that our diapers are cars and your little one is in the driver’s seat.  Putting one of our diapers on your baby would be the equivalent of your child driving a BMW, Mercedes, Audi or Porsche while you, as proud parents, only have to pay for a little VW bug.
Allow us to elaborate on the virtues of our diapers (and have some more fun with this German car analogy) by kidnapping these car brands advertising slogans.
Our Diapers are:

The Ultimate Driving Machine (2).  (comfortable & soft)
Engineered to move the baby spirit (3). (snug fitting & size adjustable)
Keeping ahead through technology (4). (featuring air vents, leak protection & custom fabric blends)
Surprisingly ordinarily priced (5). (giving you the highest quality fabrics & unbeatable value)
(1)  Our diapers were born in Leipzig –  one of the most vibrant, fun, surprising and creative cities in Deutschland.
(2)  BMW’s marketing slogan
(3)  Slightly modified Mercedes-Benz marketing slogan (‘Engineered to move the human spirit’)
(4)  Audi’s marketing slogan
(5)  Volkswagen’s marketing slogan