4 Reasons to Switch to Cloth Wipes

4 Reasons to Switch to Cloth Wipes

BabyKicks presents 4 Reasons to Switch to Cloth Wipes

Many parents choose cloth diapering to save money and the environment. They see the savings add up and feel proud that they’re creating less trash. Despite these clear benefits of cloth diapers, parents sometimes neglect the next obvious step: cloth wipes.

We love using our BabyKicks soft, natural hemp wipes and we know you will too! Cloth Wipes are an excellent addition to your diaper changing station, diaper bag, and car. Here are 4 Reasons to Switch to Cloth Wipes:

  1. Affordable. Reusable wipes are a one-time $15 purchase, versus a regular buy every couple of weeks.BabyWipes-21-562x422 (1)
  2. Versatile. Cloth wipes can be used as baby wipes, wash cloths, reusable wet ones, make-up remover wipes, and more.
  3. Easy to Upcycle. When your baby outgrows a BabyKicks prefold size or Burp Cloths, you can cut them up, serge or sew the edges, and – ta da! – cloth wipes.
  4. Efficient. A  high quality cloth wipe will easily clean up a mess, often with the use of just one wipe. This means you need to buy less, carry less, and you will significantly cut down on waste!

Cloth wipes can be stored in your old disposable wipes containers  or wipes warmer and you can even make them pop up! Here’s a video from Dirty Diaper Laundry explaining how:

You can use a simple spray bottle to spray your wipes or pre-soak them in a solution. Some parents use plain waters, while others prefer wipes solutions. Here are three BabyKicks-Premium-Washi-Pink1-562x562cloth wipes solution recipes from All About Cloth Diapers. Water alone works well – and is free – but cloth wipes solutions can be great for moisturizing, healing, and comfort.

Pre-made wipes solutions and concentrates are also a terrific option. Many are available to add to your spray bottle or directly to your wipes container. Be sure to select an a solution that is made from all natural ingredients that are safe for your baby and the environment.

Do you use cloth wipes? What is your favorite solution? Do you make them pop up?